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YOUR Business Will Prosper From A Free Mobile App…

Why? Simply because there is no better way to send your clients news, offers or promotions – Your updates will appear instantly on their smartphones and you already know how powerful that is!

In a world where just about everyone has a smartphone…

…it makes perfect sense to capitalise on that fact by giving all your regulars and prospects a free app to install on their smartphone. Not only will it give you more opportunities to market to your customers and prospects, but you will be standing at the cutting edge of communications making you and your business look really good. Get a head start on your competitors by ordering your free app today, with only a small one time cost to set up the application so that it can be distributed to your clients.


Happy Clients



A Million

Cups Of Coffee


Bacon Rolls


We are here to serve you with the easiest way to get more clicks to your offers, blog posts or promotions. Once the app is created you have nothing to worry about apart from adding and sending your messages as notifications through your own private portal. If you want to use the messaging service there is a monthly fee to cover all the admin, hosting, updates and security costs.
I believe you will agree that the price is well worth it. As fast as SMS and with as much impact as Facebook notifications, and unlimited message every month.


Because your clients and prospects have your free app installed, they will all get instant messages right to their smartphones.

This is so much better than Facebook Fan Pages and email because organic (free) reach is severely restricted on Facebook and people often do not even open emails – but they always check their smartphone notifications. You cannot get more highly targeted campaigns than that, and again you can send as many as you want to, any time you want.


As your website grows, so will your mobile app because each new update, product, offer or promotion that is added to your website will get automatically synced to the mobile app making it the perfect choice for your future growth.

People trust apps as much as they trust you and they are much more likely to engage with you and your business than through your website.
Your customers know they are in good hands. It is a win win situation!


At ProLocal we want to see your business app venture succeed. To that end we will build your business mobile app based on several important points –

That you already have a mobile friendly website.
Your app will mirror your website, page or channel and be synchronised with any changes.
There will be zero annoying adverts on the app pages, just your content.
If you require a bespoke application created separately from your website then please send a message for a free quote.
You will have total control over the messages or you can hire me to run your campaigns.
At Prolocal we only want to help you and advise you how to get the best from your app.

Always Included In All Our Projects

  • Responsive Design

    Without perfectly responsive design included, your mobile application will not work properly on devices such as smaller screens and larger tablets.

  • Website2App

    Our know-how will improve the experience of your clients. Higher ROI though more efficient communications

  • Security Guaranteed

    We always keep backups in case the worst scenario happens, so you can relax and concentrate on the things that make your business run smoothly.

  • Appy Shoppers

    Your profits can be greatly enhanced by offering products via your mobile app shopping facility. If you have digital products or services you can offer these too.

  • Happy To Help

    At ProLocal Mobile Apps we stand by our promise to support you in times of trouble – so relax and be happy. You are completely in control of your destiny!

  • Marketing And Results

    Don’t waste thousands of your hard earned cash on the unknown. Invest instead in sensible technology that gives you a chance to shine.

More Info About Your App

We understand that not everyone has a website and indeed not everyone wants one, so we are equipped to build for you a complete mobile app as per the info above from scratch. We just need to discuss your needs so that an appropriate price can be quoted as this will involve a lot more work than if you already had a website. The same applies to every business that wants a completely separate mobile application from their website that will be built to your specifications.

  • Mobile Application

  • I-OS App

  • Android App

  • Shopping App

  • FaceBook Page App

  • YouTube App

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