Video Marketing Tips

video marketing tips

Tip Number One

Create an captivating title - Who are you trying to reach with your marketing? Is there an age range, male or female?

Tip Number Two

Include a call to action  (CTA) - Where is your audience? Are you
reaching out to your home town or a broader area?

Tip Number Three

Focus on the message and less on the product/service - Check up on your local competition, most of them will have no videos!

Appear On Screen?

Do you want to appear as yourself on-screen? Most people tend not to want that. It's no problem - your voice can still be used with an avatar.

Tell People Why

You should present a story telling people why they should order from you instead of one of your competitors. A compelling reason will win!

Use A Mascot

You can have an animated mascot represent your business. This will always be recognised as your business because it will be unique. 

Optimise Optimise...

It is no good making a fantastically good video if you do not understand how to make it rank on page one of either Google or YouTube - get a quote.

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