Google Sites For Seo

google sites for seo

Magic Wand

Super high authority websites on Google that link out to other authority sites and yours.

Build Many

Create a Google Site for every keyword you want to rank for. Fill it with great content

Switch On

The fact that Google will always put Google first means that this is the perfect power-up!

Creating Great Google Web Sites

Google allows everyone to create websites inside Google Drive. The trick is knowing how to build them and link their pages for best effect.

Each Google Site Must Be Unique.

This is a crucial factor in building Google Sites. It is no good simply copying them and changing the titles. They have to be custom built and optimised.

Knowing What To Upload And Why.

Each section and page of your Google Site needs to hold the best content and most relevant content to benefit from their. ranking power.

Do You Have Time For This?

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