image7_3In simple terms, a landing page is a distinct web page that is created with one single objective in mind. It is a special page that is focused on just one thing such as one of your core business categories or services.
It does not necessarily need to be on your website, it can be on social media or on

Some people might suggest that your landing page should be completely different from the rest of your website - nothing to distract visitors from your main aim - usually to get them to sign up for a product or service.

You might end up with 3 or 4 landing pages or even 30 or 40. It depends on how many services or products you want to focus on.

image15_2Optimisating your landing pages is essential for your organic search engine ranking as it determines the ability of your website to keep your visitors engaged for longer than 8 seconds. When you have tightly focused landing pages on just a single part of your business you can optimise that page far better than trying to use a single page to sell all your services or products.

This for example is not a landing page but is a blog post, although you can still generate leads from a blog post if it is written well.

Every landing page needs to be optimised because it contains different content and information that will attract or drive traffic from totally different demographics to your website. Let your readers see easily what your page is about and put the right keywords in the body of your text, your title and url.

Once you have your landing page clearly defined then you can build it online and publish it, linking it to social media accounts etc. If you are an expert in building pages then it might take a couple of hours work, if you are not an expert it can take hours and hours to get the look you want and then more hours of fine tuning to make it look awesome and appeal to the audience you are targeting.

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